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Zakk Wylde Guitars

Zakk Wylde GuitarsThere are many different Zakk Wylde guitars that have gained notoriety and popularity. Of the Zakk Wylde Ephiphones, made by Gibson, the most famous is of course the bullseye guitar, where the whole body of the guitar is made to look like a bullseye with concentric circles.

Whenever Zakk Wylde is playing one of these guitars, it really draws attention to him - just like a bullseye - even on a dimly lit stage!

The Zakk Wylde Les Paul Bullseye (as it is officially called) is indeed a thing of beauty - a guitar that is both a work of art and "the Ultimate Shred Weapon" all in one find package.

This site is all about the various Zakk Wylde guitars; you'll find movies, write ups on the various guitars, and pictures. You might even find the odd guitar lesson straight from Zakk himself!

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