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Zakk Wylde Talks About Some Of His Guitars

Here is a video of Zakk Wylde talking about four of his famous guitars. Most of Zakk Wylde's guitars are costume made. The first guitar he is talking about is called the Dean guitar. Zakk Wylde designed this guitar and his friends over at dean, who make great guitars, pump this guitar out for him. You'll see that this guitar has a very cool, unique design. The second guitar is the Fiddle Dime. He designed this guitar in memory of his brother Dimebag. At the back of the guitar you'll be able to see some sort of signature which is a request by Dime bag. The 3rd guitar is made by Zakk Wylde's friends over at Gibson company. It is a V-shape guitar that has a jack input at the upper right corner of the guitar. The toggle switch is also located near the jack input. The 4th guitar that Zakk Wylde talks about is just like any other ordinary electric guitar. He just picked this guitar somewhere in Manhattan and it cost around $41.

These are some of Zakk Wyldes amazing guitars. But just because his guitars look amazing, it doesn't mean that it is what makes his guitar playing fantastic. Zakk Wylde is a very talented guitarist and along with his unique and great guitars, his performances are off the hook.

Zakk Wylde talking about the guitars he used in his Young Guitar instructional.

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